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Responsibly Sourced

Look for our Responsible Choice label for delicious, sustainable seafood.

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Our Meat/Seafood Promises
Healthy Sustainable Choices
From pasture and ocean floor to you, enjoy delicious, organic, responsibly-sourced meat & seafood.
Broad Delicious Selection
Shop our grill-worthy variety of brisket, burgers, seafood and your favorite plant-based picks!
Expert Hometown Butchers
Our meats are fresh-cut and trimmed daily by our expert butchers for online and in-store shoppers.
Taste the Difference
Enjoy freshness & quality you can taste, from delectably marbled, hand-cut beef to succulent salmon.
Frequently Asked Questions
about safeway's Brandywine
While all fish contain some cholesterol, they are high in Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are great for maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. Cholesterol levels in seafood will also vary in how its prepared. If you were to fry your seafood it will contain higher cholesterol levels than if you were to cook it in low fat oils. Come check out our seafood counter and ask our specialist about cholesterol friendly seafood options or go online to order.
What is the minimum internal cooking temperature for seafood?
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The minimum internal temperature for fish & shellfish is 145 degrees Fahrenheit and 62.8 degrees Celsius. Check out our recipes page for delicious and creative ways to cook your seafood.
Did you know Safeway has an in-store butcher?
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Yes , your Safeway has a butcher block where you can get hand cut fresh meat to your exact specifications. Our top of the line butchers can help you find the perfect selection for you and answer any questions you have along the way! Come visit your Safeway located at 15916 S Crain Hwy, Brandywine, MD.
Vegans dietary restrictions include anything containing animal products so unfortunately seafood is not vegan. Although you can still find a variety of vegan options at your local Safeway located at 15916 S Crain Hwy, Brandywine, MD!
Brisket is a cut of meat that comes from the lower breast or pectoral muscles of a cow. This meat tends to be a little tougher and is best suited for a slow and low temperature cooking style. Visit our in-store butcher block to find the perfect cut for you or shop online and have it delivered right to your front step!
When shopping for prime rib, ask for a "Standing rib roast". That's the name you'll find at the butcher block located in your local Safeway. This cut comes from the rib section of the cow. These can weigh upwards of 25 lbs so typically this is cut into halves, called the first cut and the second cut. The first cut is considered the "best cut" and typically comes from the hind end of the ribs and has less connective tissue, therefore it is more tender.

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At Safeway Meat and Seafood, we're perfecting the art of fresh. Our meats are fresh-cut and trimmed daily by our expert in-store butchers, and our fresh seafood is the catch of the day. Come by and visit our meat and seafood department inside your neighborhood Safeway Meat and Seafood store located at 15916 S Crain Hwy for a broad selection of grass-fed, organic meat and plant-based favorites! Reel in locally caught or farmed seafood, including our Responsible Choice high-quality, sustainable, traceable seafood from responsible sources. Our talented in-store experts will even take special orders. Just call ahead! We meet or exceed national standards to ensure your satisfaction. From marbled cuts of beef to fresh mountain trout—and everything in-between—shop in-store or online today for delivery or convenient curbside pickup.
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